Mixed In Key’s Captain Plugins are here to take command of your songwriting by writing chords, melodies and basslines for you

If you’re looking for more evidence that writing music on a computer has never been easier, Mixed In Key is here to give it to you with its new Captain Plugins. These are designed to help you to create chord progressions, melodies and rhythmic basslines.

The idea is that the three plugins work together, with Captain Chords sending MIDI data to Captain Melody and Captain Deep. So, when a change is made in one plugin, it’s reflected in the others. If you create a chord progression, for example, the melody and bassline will then fit it automatically.

You can route MIDI data from the plugins to VST instruments or drag ‘n’ drop MIDI data directly into your DAW. You can also output to your hardware synths. That said, each plugin comes with a selection of built-in sounds and effects, too, which can be used when you’re sketching out your musical ideas.

The three Captain plugins are available now for Mac for the introductory price of $79. If you buy now, you’ll also get a free upgrade to the forthcoming Captain Hook, Captain Play and Captain Beat, as well as to a ‘secret’ plugin that’s yet to be announced. Windows versions will follow in due course.

Find out more on the Mixed In Key website.  

Ben Rogerson

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