"The world's smallest MIDI controller": MIDICard is a MIDI keyboard on a credit card that you can fit in your wallet

MakerProducts MIDICard
(Image credit: MakerProducts)

With so many of your credit and debit cards available digitally these days, you might be wondering if you still need a physical wallet, but if anything’s going to convince us to hold on to ours, It’s MakerProducts’ MIDICard.

Said to be “the world’s smallest MIDI controller,” this 18-note keyboard is barely any bigger than your Visa or Amex, but with its class-compliant USB-C connectivity, can be plugged into pretty much any device you like (iOS, Android, PC and Mac).

The tiny 3.5 x 2 x 0.25 inch footprint has been achieved by putting the keys and other controls directly onto a PCB board. As well as being able to play notes you can also trigger modulation and sustain, as well as choose from three different velocity levels. Should you need to extend the range, there are octave up/down buttons.

The first run of MIDICards has already sold out, but another batch is expected to land on 26 February. You can pre-order now for £50 (£60 if you want the Lightning cable version) via the MakerProducts Etsy page. 

MakerProducts MIDICard

(Image credit: MakerProducts)
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