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Metallica replace tribute band's stolen gear

(Image credit: Vianney Le Caer/REX/Shutterstock)

Metal legends Metallica have come out in force to support their own tribute band, replacing over $20,000 worth of stolen gear.

US tribute act Blistered Earth had their van broken into and gear stolen in Portland, Oregon last Saturday, posting the full list on Facebook.

News of the theft reached Metallica, and just two days later, Lars Ulrich reached out to the tribute act's own sticksman, asking for a list of gear.

“We are beyond thrilled, and pleasantly surprised by the fact that they even heard the story, much less that they made such an offer,” frontman Jared Kiess told

“It is incredibly humbling and gives us even greater respect for the band we pay tribute to every night.”

And justice for all, indeed.

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