This mashup of Men At Work's Down Under and Metallica's One is a thing of wonder

Bill McClintock / YouTube
(Image credit: Bill McClintock / YouTube)

Bill McClintock understands the mashup in a way few of the pretenders can; not only does he carefully edit his masterpieces as complete compositions rather than lazy overlay, his videos are superbly edited. This is the mashup as its own genre and his combination of Metallica's One and Men At Work's '80s classic Down Under with Land Down One-der; the light of pop bathed in the shadow of bleak progressive thrash. 

And then there's the Judas Priest solo cameo.

McClintock Mashups' YouTube channel has form for making "old music new again"; check out this Enter Sandman / Hip To Be Square mashup and an inspired combo of Disturbed's Stupify and The Macarena and if you don't at least crack a smile, do you even know what joy is?

And don't forget Priest again, this time jamming with Rick James…

Rob Laing
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