may.kit is a new musical social media platform for people who can’t make music

In a development that might make experienced producers shudder, a new app has been launched that’s designed specifically for “non-musicians”.

may.kit seems to be part creative tool, part social media platform, and is the brainchild of Stefan Heinrich Henriquez, a former head of Global Marketing at TikTok.

Presently available via invite only, and exclusively as an iOS app, may.kit makes the music creation process as simple as possible, offering prompts - such as the option to make a song out of three words - and vocal effects that will help you polish your performances. You can also select a GIF to act as a visual for your audio.

On the social side, you can browse and sing over other users’ beats, with a Tinder-style feature letting you swipe left or right depending on whether you like what you hear.

In reality, we doubt that any music made with may.kit (or any other app like it) is going to be of comparable quality to something that a ‘proper’ producer could make in a DAW, but with TechCrunch reporting that its founders have already secured $4m of seed funding - backers are said to include T-Pain and YouTuber MrBeast’s Night Media - it might be one that you’re going to hear a lot about in the future.

You can join the waitlist on the may.kit website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

I’m the Deputy Editor of MusicRadar, having worked on the site since its launch in 2007. I previously spent eight years working on our sister magazine, Computer Music. I’ve been playing the piano, gigging in bands and failing to finish tracks at home for more than 30 years, 24 of which I’ve also spent writing about music and the ever-changing technology used to make it. 

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