Ludwig releases new Acrolite models for 2021

Gear 2021: Ludwig has announced the release of two new additions to the legendary Acrolite series: Acro-Brass and Acro-Copper for drummers who want a slightly different take on the Aluminium classic.

Both snares feature a beaded, seamless shell like the Acrolite we all know and love. However, the Acro-Brass and Acro-Copper use a slightly thinner 1mm shell fitted with 10 lugs (rather than 8) per-side as well as Ludwig P86 throw-off and butt-plate.

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Further features include triple-flanged hoops, Ludwig twin bow-tie lugs and aged Keystone badge. Both drums feature a brushed finish with clear lacquer, and are available in 14”x6.5” dimensions.

Price and availability TBC.

Stuart Williams

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