Love Hultén's TE-LAB is a 'semi-modular sound machine' built from Teenage Engineering modules

Swedish designer and craftsman Love Hultén has a talent for putting together phenomenal custom-built instruments that are as wacky as they are impressive

His latest creation, the TE-LAB, is a semi-modular synthesizer and "sound machine" that brings together various Teenage Engineering modules with a Hologram Electronics Microcosm pedal, a custom-built turntable sequencer and a nifty oscilloscope in a striking banana-yellow chassis. 

Though Love Hultén hasn't provided specific details of the machine's internal construction, it seems that the core of the TE-LAB's sound-generating abilities are drawn from some combination of Teenage Engineering's series of Pocket Operator modules, which were recently released as standalone products, having previously been available only as part of the POM-400, POM-170 and POM-16 DIY synth kits. 


(Image credit: Love Hultén)

The PO modules are running through a Hologram Electronics Microcosm, a creative effects pedal that offers extensive sound-mangling capabilities through sampling, looping, pitch-shift and delay. There's also an ingenious turntable sequencer that looks like a smaller version of the Playtronica Orbita we spotted at last year's Superbooth, and a built-in circular oscilloscope that provides a visual representation of the TE-LAB's output. 

See more of the TE-LAB over at Love Hulten's website.


(Image credit: Love Hultén)
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