Can you really play lounge piano using just two chords?

We’ve already seen Ed Sheeran claiming that he can play any song in the charts using the same four chords, but now a YouTuber has gone one better than that (or maybe two less) by showing you how to play lounge piano with just two chords: C6 and Ddim.

The video above was created by a Danish pianist who publishes his content under the Lounge Piano brand. He argues that you can create a cocktail party vibe simply by alternating between these two chords, played in both their root positions and inversions.

The improvisations are based on a scale that uses the notes from the two chords and, to add a bit of extra flavour, our host also occasionally borrows notes from one of the chords when playing the other. Of course, this means that there are actually more than two chords being used here, but we’ll let that slide…

There are also moments when the chords are played with one hand and either a bassline or melody is played with the other. We finish off with a nice little contrary motion trick that involves chords ‘fanning out’ in two different directions.

Is this enough to maintain the relaxed mood while your guests are sipping on Singapore slings? Give it a try and find out for yourself.

Ben Rogerson

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