Loopcloud 3.0 lets you manage your personal sample collection from inside your DAW

When Loopmasters unveiled its Loopcloud plugin at the start of 2017, one of the promises was that you’d soon be able to use it not only to manage the samples that you’ve bought, but also your personal collection of sounds that you have stored on your hard drive. Now, with Loopcloud 3.0, the company is delivering on that promise.

Folders of samples can be added to the Loopcloud browser at the push of a button, or you can simply drag sounds in. The software then analyses them and adds tags, such as the content type, instrument, BPM and key. You can also add your own custom tags.

With your library analysed and tagged, you can then search for specific types of sounds and use Loopcloud’s filtering options to hone in on what you’re looking for. There’s also an Auto Key feature that pitch-shifts your samples so that they’re in tune with the rest of your project, and timestretching to ensure that they’re locked to tempo.

As things stand, your personal sounds are still stored on your hard drive rather than in the cloud (so you can’t access them remotely) but we hear that there are plans to offer online storage in the future.

You can download Loopcloud 3.0 now from the Loopcloud website. It’s available for PC and Mac.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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