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Listen to the track that Aphex Twin created using only Korg gear

Having collaborated with Korg on the Monologue synth, Richard D James (AKA Aphex Twin) has now released a track that was created exclusively using the Japanese company’s gear.

Korg Funk 5, as its known, features three Monologues, an MS-20 Kit, a Poly-61M, three Volcas (Keys, Beats and Sample) and a Minilogue. Oh, and James’ son also makes an appearance on vocals.

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The track has been released to coincide with an interview that’s been published on the Warp (Aphex Twin’s record label) website. This features James talking to ex-Korg engineer Tatsuya Takahashi - the man credit with inspiring Korg’s synth renaissance over the past few years - about a range of subjects, including the Monologue’s microtuning capabilities.