Listen to the track that Aphex Twin created using only Korg gear

Having collaborated with Korg on the Monologue synth, Richard D James (AKA Aphex Twin) has now released a track that was created exclusively using the Japanese company’s gear.

Korg Funk 5, as its known, features three Monologues, an MS-20 Kit, a Poly-61M, three Volcas (Keys, Beats and Sample) and a Minilogue. Oh, and James’ son also makes an appearance on vocals.

The track has been released to coincide with an interview that’s been published on the Warp (Aphex Twin’s record label) website. This features James talking to ex-Korg engineer Tatsuya Takahashi - the man credit with inspiring Korg’s synth renaissance over the past few years - about a range of subjects, including the Monologue’s microtuning capabilities.