See Stone Roses guitarist John Squire join Liam Gallagher onstage for performance of Oasis classic Champagne Supernova at Knebworth

Having played legendary shows at Knebworth with Oasis in 1996, it's quite an achievement for Liam Gallagher to headline it again for two nights with his solo band, aged 49. And after night one there were plenty of Oasis songs aired, but Liam waited until the finale of Champagne Supernova to bring on some British indie royalty; John Squire of the Stone Roses.

His spin on Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller's leads from the recorded version (with his red Strat) ends up suiting the reflective anthem perfectly here, with the added bonus of Little Barrie's Barrie Cadogan filling in for Bonehead - who is undergoing treatment for tonsil cancer – on guitar too.

Check it out above and some of the other Oasis songs Liam and his band played below, including Cigarettes & Alcohol, Live Forever, Some Might Say, Rock N' Roll Star and of course, Wonderwall. How is he going to top it tonight? 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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