Larry Carlton demos his $641 Sire signature guitar

Larry Carlton playing his signature L7V guitar
(Image credit: Sweetwater / YouTube)

Now this is what we like to see! A legendary guitarist playing and singing the praises of their affordable signature model. Larry Carlton's L7V Sire is the latest in his line with the company – a single-cut LP-style electric guitar with P-90s that Larry makes sing straight out of the box in the Sweetwater demo below.

The influential session player clearly loves this Gold Top L7V guitar, and indeed his whole signature range that includes S-type, T-style and the semi-hollows he's known for; "We've tried to do quality, quality, quality at [lower] price points so that more people that want to play a quality guitar can afford it. And that's one of the things that really excited me," says Larry.

It's great to see, and Larry uses them on the road. "Everybody thinks it sounds like me and I'm playing basically a $700 guitar with the H7 version. I couldn't be happier."


(Image credit: Sire)

The H7 is based on the semi-hollow guitars Larry is more identified with and you can check out his demo of that below too – it even has the premium touch of rolled fingerboard edges! 

The whole range over at Sweetwaterin the US, and at Andertons in the UK where H7 guitars are just £599. And they're even cheaper over at Thomann

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