Bright, colourful and affordable, Laka's Rainbow Series soprano ukuleles are perfect for young players

Laka Rainbow ukuleles
(Image credit: Laka)

Laka has rolled out the Rainbow Series soprano ukuleles. With finish options that would brighten any day, and an approachable spec, they are ideal for beginners of all ages.

The ukulele makes an ideal first instrument for any young player, especially those who might want to play the guitar at some point. Its compact dimensions make it more manageable, with its nylon strings kinder on small hands than a steel-strung cheap acoustic guitar.  

These colourful Laka ukes are no different. They look very player-friendly. They have lightweight, resonant basswood bodies, with basswood necks and fingerboards topped with 12 frets. Large dot inlays mark the 5th, 7th and 10th frets, making them easy to navigate, and each has an ABS nut (the same plastic used to make LEGO bricks) and open-gear tuners.

Recent years have seen a spike in demand for the ukulele, with the likes of Fender releasing signature ukuleles for the likes of Billie Eilish and Dhani Harrison. But not only do ukes make a great introduction to stringed instruments, they are super portable, too. You can take them anywhere.

Laka's Rainbow Series is offered in violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and natural finishes, and each uke comes with its own gig-bag and a presentation box that makes it easy to wrap for birthday presents. Best of all, at £29.99, they're very affordable too. The only question is what colour to get. You can check them all out at JHS, who is handling distribution.

Jonathan Horsley

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