Kronecker is a new iOS synth that’s designed to run like clockwork

There are plenty of iOS synths out there, but iceWorks says that its new Kronecker instrument is a clockwork synthesizer.

This is because it comes with a ‘mechanism’ that makes repeating sounds like a rhythm machine when you press a key. These are synced to tempo, and you can also increase the speed or slow them down after they’ve been triggered. So, you can produce bouncing ball and clockwork toy-type effects if you wish.

The sounds themselves are created using four ‘emitters’ that send out sound particles made from FM tones and noise. You can specify at what timing the sound particles will be triggered and add effects such as the pitch and tone of particles gradually changing. Particles can be processed with two resonators.

Kronecker is a universal app that offers Inter-App Audio, Audiobus and Ableton Link support, and also works as an AUv3. The arpeggiator is programmable so you can create your own patterns.

You can buy it now from the Apple App Store for $7.99.