Korg unveils Wavestate MKII and Wavestate SE, a premium 61-key version of its wave sequencing synth with aftertouch

Korg's Wavestate synth, unveiled at NAMM 2020, is a 21st-century reimagining of the Wavestation, a digital wave sequencing synth produced by the company in the '90s. 

Today, Korg has revealed an updated Wavestate MKII and announced the release of an all-new 61-key version of the synth, the Wavestate SE, also available in silver as the Wavestate SE Platinum. Like the original Wavestate, both synths are based around Korg's Wave Sequencing 2.0 synthesis technology, but have been updated with redesigned hardware, workflow tweaks and new features. 

Boasting a (moderately) refreshed visual aesthetic, the MKII expands the Wavestate's polyphony from 64 stereo voices to 96 and features a variety of newly-designed Wave Sequences and Programs. There's also an expanded 4GB (up from 2GB) of internal storage for loading your own sounds into Wavestate using Korg's Sample Builder application. 

Korg have also replaced the Wavestate's Sound Librarian companion software, which lets you design sounds for the Wavestate on your computer, with the Wavestate Editor/Librarian, a redesigned tool that adds the ability to edit Performances, Programs, Scales, Wave Sequences and Wave Sequence Lanes and edit internal effects parameters from your Mac or PC. 

korg wavestate synth

Korg Wavestate MKII (Image credit: Korg)

Originally announced in 2021 but only officially unveiled this week, the Wavestate SE is a premium version of the Wavestate: the synth has a 61-key keyboard with aftertouch, and has been outfitted with an appealingly solid all-metal design (the Wavestate and Wavestate MKII are mostly plastic) and metal-plated knobs. 

The SE can handle 120-note polyphony, and many of the onboard patches and presets have been redesigned to take advantage of the performance capabilities that the aftertouch offers. Korg have also unveiled the Wavestate SE Platinum, a silver version of the SE pictured below.

Korg's Wavestate SE will retail for $1999/€2199, while its fancy silver cousin will set you back $2199/€2399. The Wavestate MKII is priced at $825/€899. 

Find out more on Korg's website.

korg wavestate synth

Korg Wavestate SE Platinum (Image credit: Korg)

korg wavestate synth

Korg Wavestate SE (Image credit: Korg)
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