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Korg drops the new Hybrid synth into its Module 4 app, and you can use it in Gadget, too

Korg’s Module iOS app is a fine choice for keyboard players who want a stock of playable and tweakable sounds to use in performance situations, and it’s just got even more flexible thanks to the release of version 4.

This adds the Hybrid synth, a new module that can ‘do’ both analogue and FM-style tones. It’s built on a brand-new engine and, for each sound, the optimal parameters are presented to you on the interface so that you can quickly dive in and season to taste.

There are also a couple of optional expansions for the synth - Hybrid Synth Pack 2 and Cinematic - which are available as in-app purchases. What’s more, Module Pro users who also have Korg’s Gadget app can use Hybrid in Gadget 2 as well, though it’ll be named Fairbanks in that case.

Better still, Module itself can now be used as an AUv3 plugin, meaning that it’ll run inside a suitable host (GarageBand, for example). 

You can try the new version 4 features in the free version of Module; if you want full functionality you’ll have to do so either via in-app purchases or by buying Module Pro, which is currently available at the discounted price of $20/£20.

Find out more on the Korg website. Module 4 runs on iPad and iPhone.

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