Apple is letting you remix Katy Perry in GarageBand on your iPhone and iPad

GarageBand Remix Session Katy Perry
(Image credit: Apple)

If it’s been a Teenage Dream of yours to remix Katy Perry, you’ll doubtless be ready to Roar your appreciation when you learn that Apple is now giving you the opportunity to put your own spin on her 2019 single Harleys in Hawaii in the iPhone and iPad versions of GarageBand.

This is one of two new Remix Sessions to be added to the GarageBand Sound Library. The other focuses on K-pop supergroup Seventeen’s track, Darl+ing.

Remixes can quickly be created using GarageBand’s Live Loops interface, which enables you to combine elements of the songs with other loops and parts you want to bring in. Everything is kept in tempo and key, while Remix FX enable you to throw filters, repeaters and other ear candy into the mix, too.

GarageBand Remix Session Katy Perry

(Image credit: Apple)

“Harleys in Hawaii has lived so many different lives, from the original single, to my acoustic potty jam, to sped up, reverb-y versions on TikTok,” says Katy Perry. “There is so much opportunity to remix this song, and I can’t wait to hear all the GarageBand evolutions with this Apple collab.”

Seventeen’s Woozi, meanwhile, says: “We love sharing the music-making experience with our fans. We’ve used GarageBand for years, so it’s an honour to collaborate with Apple on our Remix Session in GarageBand.

“Now our fans can create music the same way we do. We hope everyone will have fun remixing our song ‘Darl+ing’ with their own sense of style, and we can’t wait for Carats to share their final remixes with us and the rest of the world when they’re done.”

It’s worth noting that while these new Remix Sessions are available in the iOS and iPadOS versions of GarageBand, they can’t currently be accessed on the Mac. Previous Remix Sessions have come from the likes of Billie Eilish, Khalid, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

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