Juicy Loops puts FL Studio's beloved sequencer into Ableton Live

Every DAW has certain features that its users love more than others, and even when we switch over to another DAW, we often wish we could bring them along for the ride. (Personally, I'm a recent Ableton convert that still misses the sound of many of Logic's excellent stock plugins.)

One of the most well-liked features of FL Studio is its step sequencer, a relatively simple but versatile tool for pattern creation with an intuitive interface that's quick and easy to use. 

If you've departed the land of Fruity Loops for pastures new but find yourself missing its sequencer, you're in luck, as developer YRAKI has designed an M4L emulation for Ableton Live that recreates FL's sequencer with the addition of new features and capabilities.

Juicy Loops, now in its second iteration, recreates the UI of the FL sequencer and gives you six tracks with up to 32 steps. Each track's length can be varied to produce polyrhythmic patterns, and the direction of play for each track can be reversed. Each step's velocity can now be adjusted individually, while velocity deviations can be tweaked with a percentage dial.

You're also able to route out velocity data as modulation to control parameters elsewhere in Ableton Live, and modulation can now be set to sample and hold mode. What's more, patterns in Juicy Loops can now be directly exported as MIDI clips and dropped into Ableton's Arrange window.

As it's a Max for Live device, you'll need Ableton Live Suite to run Juicy Loops, if you haven't purchased the M4L add-on. Juicy Loops is priced at $20.

Find out more over at YRAKI's Gumroad page.

Matt Mullen
Tech Editor

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