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Joué’s re-Connect MIDI cable means that you can use it to control your hardware synths without a computer

Joué, the company behind the Joué MIDI controller, has released its latest product, which will enable you to get the most out of your Joué and any hardware synth you just might have lying around. 

Negating the need to plug the controller into a computer to control any hardware, the cable is powered and sends native MIDI messages without latency.

Joué is a customisable controller made from wood and built around a pressure-sensitive surface. It can be adapted to suit your needs by placing modules onto it. These modules can take the form piano keys, a guitar-style fretboard, drum pads or 3D control surfaces.

You can pick up the new re-Connect MIDI cable for €39, or as part of the re-Connect bundle, which includes the cable, Joué board, GrandClavier overlay for €477. Check out the Joué website from more details.

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