Jon Gomm is offering artists the chance to apply for support slots on his UK tour

Jon Gomm
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BACK TO LIVE (opens in new tab): Jon Gomm (opens in new tab) isn't just one of greatest acoustic guitar (opens in new tab) talents around, he's also a very nice bloke too. Want proof? He's walking the walk when it comes to paying it forward for other performers and offering them the chance to support him on his UK tour in October, November and December this year.

"I reckon everybody should be helping everybody get back to live music," says Jon, "so I've decided to open up the support slots for my long-delayed UK Tour to applications from local performers (musicians, bands, poets, comedians, I love it all). "

Top man! If you'd like to get involved, take heed of the following instructions and small print:

Small-print: Please only apply for one gig, the closest one to where you are based (to keep it fair). The final decision, and any subsequent arrangements/agreements, for any and all support bookings rests with the promoter of each show. 

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