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With their retro-inspired hardware sampler Tracker, Polyend are bringing the cult ‘alt-DAW’ format into the modern world. But what even is a tracker and how do they work? We answer these questions and explore Polyend’s fantastically fun new hardware instrument in the latest issue.

Plus, we take a look back at some of the best moments of our video series The Track, go in the studio with a trio of boundary-pushing artists, explore the lesser-known uses of Soundtoys’ Effect Rack plugin, and much more besides.

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Ital Tek – The Planet Mu mainstay talks soundtracking, effects pedals and creating his excellent new album

Hodge – We talk synths, sci-fi and leftfield techno as the Bristol-based artist releases his debut album, Shadows In Blue

Anthony Baldino – From major Hollywood trailers to experimental modular jams

The Best Of The Track – We take a look back at some of the best moments amongst five years of track breakdowns

Classic AlbumDJ Fresh on his crossover DnB epic Escape From Planet Monday


Trackers – With the launch of Polyend’s retro-inspired sampler, we delve into the fundamentals of trackers and check out some sequencing tips

Producer’s Guide – Exploring the lesser-known capabilities of Soundtoys Effect Rack

Retrospective – We honour the impact of Andrew Weatherall on the vaguely defined realms of indie dance


Polyend Tracker

Teenage Engineering PO 170

Teenage Engineering PO 16

VoosteQ Material Comp

AMS Neve RMX 16

Roundup: Free Drum Kits

And more!


Electro FX – Zaps, lasers, risers and buzzes – we turn to analogue and digital synths of all kinds for this pack of classic electro FX sounds

Granular Drums – Granular synthesis can be great for creating weird and wonderful sounds. We go granular for a pack of unique perc and drum hits

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All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more.
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