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In this May's Computer Music we're going deep on reverb, and the myriad ways you can use it not just to create ambience but a whole world of sounds beyond that. We'll explore techniques such as freezing, reversing, filtering and more, with guided tutorials and downloadable practice files.

Free Stuff!

This month's free plugin is Modalics' BitFuzzer, a distortion plugin that combines bitcrushing, fuzz and distortion duties in one place. Our monthly free sample offering has been put together in that same experimental mindset, with packs including Stutter & Glitch and West Coast Buchla for readers to download.

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People & Places

Aptly for our cover theme, our interviewees this month include Maria W Horn, whose work explores the spectral qualities of intriguing spaces, and Sedibus. This latest project from The Orb members Alex Paterson and Andy Falconer continues the pair’s trademark ambient explorations. We also found out more about Wavetick, the innovative new beatmaker and artist-focused platform helmed by musician and entrepreneur Sharooz Raoofi.

Inspiring Workshops

Our regular columnists continue their quest to offer you incisive insights into their personal fields of expertise. Sara Simms talks rave-style techno, Jon Musgrave tackles sidechain compression and Roland Schmidt once again gets stuck into our CM Plugins suite to put some of its highlights into action.

Reviews Reviews Reviews

Finally we get to our famous reviews section, your own personal shopping assistant as you navigate the supermarket of new software releases. This month we cover products like Ableton Live 12, BLEASS Arpeggiator, Cherry Audio Pro Soloist, and more.

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