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This November we go deep on an electronic music behemoth. We explore the rich history, technology and techniques behind this ever-important genre, as always with an eye to helping you work your new knowledge into your own projects.

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Free Stuff!

For this month's free offerings we've partnered with acclaimed developer Baby Audio. The Beat Slammer plugin is based on the popular I Heart NY plugin's parallel compression prowess and promises to kick those puny beats into shape. And in time for Halloween, things get spooky, with a set of Horror and Noir sounds lurking in our free samples section.

Inspiring People and Workshops

As usual we've got advice and instruction for you from the best of the best, starting with wise words from Canadian sensation Apashe on how he combined dark beats with orchestral manoeuvring to create his unique sound. In our synth masterclass Dave Gale talks tape-based string sounds and Jon Musgrave focuses on short delays.

Trusted Reviews

Finally we get to our reviews section, where we'll be dishing out our indispensable buyers' advice on releases such as Universal Audio Electra 88, Musik Hack Master Plan, Sound Dust Plankton Drummer and many more.

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