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This September we're revisiting the classics, but this isn't your average nostalgia-fest. We'll teach you key tricks used by production pioneers, recommend the best in-the-box tools, from tape simulations to modern emulations of reverb and compression tools and generally shower you in all the glue, saturation and more your soulless 2023 tracks have been crying out for. 

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Free Stuff!

We're famous for our incredible free offerings, and this month we present an exclusive: Acustica Audio Fire: The CM CM Comp, a new addition to Acustica Audio's popular Fire plugin range, tailor made for CM readers. The plugin combines compression, clipping, saturation and EQ, with a focused set of controls and single large threshold knob. Plus you’ll get an exclusive set of 80s-themed samples, plus specially created packs from Loopmasters and Mode Audio.

Inspiring Workshops and People

Looking for some bite-sized nuggets of wisdom to help stoke some creativity? Our regular columnists won't disappoint: Jon Musgrave looks at the use of level rides and Dave Gale dissects some commercial hits to see what makes their bass tick.

People & Places

This month we sat down with two exciting acts with innovative production at their core. Shida Shahabi discussed her mesmerising cello and piano-powered new LP, Living Circle, and Django Django, who readers might know from more rock-leaning circles, discuss embracing all things electronic.

Trusted Reviews

Last but definitely not least, let CM be your trusted guide through the virtual supermarket of music tech, as we review the big new releases of the month: Toneworks Catalyst, Erica Synths Zen Delay Virtual, Sonora Cinematic Verticale, Spitfire Audio BDT: Brass and Reeds, and more, all get our once over.

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