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This May Computer Music brings you a guide on how to get started in soundtracking in 2023. Grab some popcorn, as we chat to some of the silver screen’s movers and shakers, before exploring the best sound design effects, orchestral libraries, DAWs and our recommended go-tos from within The CM Plugin Suite (our massive collection of music production software tools that comes free with every issue).

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Free Stuff!

This month’s free headline plugin is W.A. Production’s’ Vocal Limiter, a nifty little plugin that’s tailor-made for vocal frequencies, that would usually set you back $20 when bought separately. For the issue’s free sample selection box, we’ve stuck with the cinematic theme, with Cyclick’s Soundtrack Trailers pack (think pounding, giant drums, suspenseful prep piano chords and scratchy instruments) and Groove Criminals’ Cinematic Hits (atmospheric textures/beds, stings, low-end rumbles and suitably epic piano samples). Plus a generous helping from Loopmasters which highlights some of the latest names in sampling.

People and Places

The first Chinese DJ to play Tomorrowland, Chace has been compared to the likes of Disclosure and The Weeknd; and the drum-loving wunderkind had some fine advice for us on EQing, kick drum production and how it pays to embrace your inner geek.

Inspiring Workshops

It’s probably fair to say that the Venn diagram between Depeche Mode and Computer Music fans (and, ahem, editors) overlaps significantly, so what better way to celebrate the Basildon lads’ latest album than to detail how to achieve some of their signature synth sounds in software. Elsewhere in the Masterclass section, Jon Musgrave is on hand to help us glue it all together into a listenable format, with his class on using visual metering tools.

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Trusted Reviews

Last but in no way least, you’ll find yourselves in the reviews section. Here, we’ve spent the last month sifting the hyped from the hyper-great, covering releases like FabFilter Twin 3, Arturia MiniFreak V, Spitfire Audio Albion Colossus, Tracktion/Dawesome Kult, Modartt Pianoteq 8, Audient iD24 Interface, Orchestral Tools Salu, and Fluid Audio Image 2.

And at the very tail end of all that, we give a resounding applause to the latest and greatest reverb options on the market. Do you see what we did there? 

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