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Is Roland about to remake the SH-101 synth?

Footage from a Roland employee’s Instagram account shows what looks like a Boutique version of the acclaimed SH-101 monosynth. 

The person in question is Nick De Friez, whose account is now private and no doubt no longer features the original post. However, all is not lost, as the internet never sleeps, and there’s always someone on hand to do the right thing and screencap the video. We have Gearnews to thank for that.

The footage is rather sketchy, but when you zero in on the frame, it does rather look like a diddy SH-101. You can almost make out the lettering SH-01 on the interface… or could that just be wishful thinking/reading?

Gearnews also raises the question of adding a mod grip attachment to the K-25m keyboard. We think Roland should go one better and make an all-out keytar attachment for the entire range.

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