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Is it a looper? Is it a sequencer? No, it’s ALK, which is sort of both has released version 2 of ALK, a free-flowing piece of Mac music software that’s designed to combine the best elements of a live looper and a sequencer.

Clips can be performed live and are then looped, enabling you to layer up sounds. However, loops can also be moved, copied, cut and pasted in a musical arrangement - just like in a sequencer. The emphasis is very much on spontaneity; when you perform a song, ALK will follow your arrangement, with virtual pedals enabling you to arm channels, trigger effects and record and play loops at the correct time.

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As well as enabling you to record audio, ALK also supports MIDI loops and can host VST/AU plugins. There are multiple automation options, and you can audition a new sound for a track just by hovering a mouse over it.

Find out more and download a demo on the website. The regular price of the full version is €199, but you can currently get it for €159.