Inside Thomann’s Synth Reactor 2019

Last year, Thomann hosted a get together with some of YouTube’s hottest guitar stars to collaborate on creating video, with the German retailer’s rammed warehouse of gear at their disposal.

Wanting to build on the success of the Gearhead University event, Thomann decided to create a similar environment aimed at the synth-lovers of the world and so Synth Reaktor was born.

Once again, a large contingent of YouTubers were invited to come to Thomann’s Treppendorf HQ with the chance to meet, create and play. A tent was erected in the shop car park where YouTubers and brands were able to meet up and hatch some creative video plans.

Of course we had to see what all the fuss about and so MusicRadar descended on the Franconian village to witness the Thomann matriarchal home converted into three fully-functional video studios, complete with crew and live-streaming facilities.

Synth Reactor is an event like no other. With zero ‘tradeshow’ vibes, it was plain to see that everyone was relaxed and the place abuzz with excitement, at the prospect of taking apart various instruments and taking part in some cross-brand jamming. 

Of course all of this collaboration will mean that there's going to be a ton of video content coming out of each 'Tuber's respective channels over the next week and beyond, so be sure to check back with us soon.

In the meantime, check out Thomann's and YouTube channel for more.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

I take care of the reviews on MusicRadar and Future Music magazine, though can sometimes be spotted in front of a camera talking little sense in the presence of real musicians. For the past 30 years, I have been unable to decide on which instrument to master, so haven't bothered. Currently, a lover of all things high-gain in the guitar stakes and never one to resist churning out sub-standard funky breaks, the likes of which you'll never hear.

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