IK Multimedia's new UNO Synth Pro X adds more dials and power to the Pro range but doesn't cost any more cash

The UNO range of IK instruments has been around since 2018 and includes three synths and a drum module. The new Uno Synth Pro X joins the top-of-the-range 'Pro' family but offers a lot that they don't, and all for a very decent price.

From the outset, the IK UNO range has been about delivering a great analogue sound for a great price. With the original synth and UNO Drum, this meant packing the analogue sounds (and PCM drum sounds in the latter's case) into small, lightweight boxes and keeping the moving parts and dials to a minimum to keep the costs down.


IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro X

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UNO Synth Pro X review: "The first UNO to feel like a Proper analogue synth"

Even the later Pro synth models released in 2021 followed the same design ethos, but the new Uno Synth Pro X laughs in the face of all of this. It features 23 dials among a total of 30 hands-on controls, but still manages to pack it into a compact box for €499.99 (plus tax), the same price as the Pro keyboard. However, it does lack that synth's full-sized keyboard, replacing it with 13 buttons to audition sounds. 

IK Multimedia Pro X

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While the core of Pro X is the same 3-oscillator, dual filter paraphonic analogue engine, it does include an extra envelope, a refined modulation matrix and an extra drive control to add extra analogue grit. (Drive is an option with the Pro's effects but not with its own control.)  

It features 30 hands-on controls but still manages to pack it into a compact box for €499.99 (plus tax)

Effects, though, have been reduced on the Pro X to 10 from the Pro's 12. A new Shimmer reverb replaces the reverse and spring 'verbs on the Pro, while a Uni-vibe effects replaces the phase and flanger effects. IK says that while the number of effects is lower, Pro X's effects are more powerful and flexible. You still get three slots for three simultaneous effects.

The Pro's 64-step sequencer features step and real-time recording plus parameter automation including CV and Gate. It also includes a new random option plus an interesting sounding Bassline mode. This modifies "parts of the synth like the filter and envelopes in exciting and inspiring ways", which we'd guess means it makes your sequences sound more 303-a-like. 

Connectivity is very decent, cramming in a USB-C slot (which powers the unit to make it more portable), MIDI in and out, and assignable CV/Gate connections so you can use Pro X to control and modulate (and be controlled by) your Eurorack gear. 

IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro X back panel

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Finally there's a well-implemented 16-slot modulation matrix and a 10-mode arpeggiator which can be recorded directly into the sequencer. 256 varied presets complete the Pro X picture.

We'd say that sounds like an awful lot of synth packed into a small box and with a very reasonable price tag of €499.99 (plus tax). In fact, we say an awful lot more in a full and exclusive review of Uno Synth Pro X here.

In the meantime you can get more info about UNO Synth Pro X from IK's website.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro X

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)
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