IK Multimedia announces AI Machine Modeling: 3 reasons this could be huge news for your guitar tone

IK Multimedia
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Digital modelling feels like it's evolving at a rapid rate right now; Neural and Universal Audio have recently impressed us with not just the sonic detail of its audio in the Quad Cortex and UAFX amp pedals, but the feel and response that are crucial as a genuine alternative to traditional valve amps in recording and live performance situations. But on the software side, IK Multimedia's AmpliTube 5 still remains a benchmark as a guitar recording suite. And now the company has announced the next step of its digital tone evolution. 

It's called AI Machine Modeling and here are the three reasons we're excited about its potential for guitarists and bass players.

1. It's amp and pedal profiling made accessible 

'Create virtual versions of any rig' – IK's words, and that's a significant goal isn't it. 

'Machine Modelling software enables guitar and bass players, without any custom hardware, to model the sound of any bass or guitar amp, cabinet or combo, plus pedals like distortion, overdrive, fuzz, EQ or boost, all with a new level of accuracy that's virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.'

We already know this kind of thing is possible, but that was using hardware in the four-figure price range with Kemper's Profiling amp and Neural's Quad Cortex. This is software. We assume this will be significantly cheaper and therefore within the reach of more players. 

You have the option to model with a mic or direct with an input/audio audio interface and IK Multimedia say it requires your computer, in addition. 

2. It sounds simple to use 

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(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

IK Multimedia's explanation of how AI Machine Modelling will work suggests users won't have to paw over convoluted tutorials to model gear. Quite the opposite – this sounds refreshingly simple and 'as simple as recording a guitar track,' according to its designers. We love that. 

You can route IK's bespoke guitar/bass capture track through your setup to record the sound of 'any rig or piece of gear' and then feed it into the 'Machine Modeming’s [that's a device for receiving and transmitting data] deep neural network software' together with the original DI track. 

IK's  AI Machine Modelling software will compare your gear's DI and wet signals to generate an 'exact algorithm of the modelled rig in minutes'. Translation: it's time to call your mate with the Klon Centaur and get profiling! 

3. You can go and hear the results for yourself now 

IK Multimedia

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

While there's no release date as yet, Al Machine Modelling is 'coming soon' and IK Multimedia encourage interested parties to sign up to be the first to try it and for the chance to win a surprise gift. But you can hear it in action right now.

There's a range of comparisons on the IK Multimedia site showcasing the AI Machine Modelling capture Vs the real thing with a range of amps, pedals and even a complete rig with a Fulltone OCD, Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier, MXR 10-band EQ pedal in the FX loop and a 4x12 Mesa/Boogie Recto cab. 

What does it all tell us? The A/Bs are very close indeed. We can't wait to try Al Modelling for ourselves.  

More info at IK Multimedia

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