Hold on to your hats: Twisted Electrons has an incendiary new drum machine, Deton8

Twisted Electrons has announced the arrival of its latest instrument: a diddy desktop drum machine that is sure to pop some heads, called Deton8.

The new machine is part hybrid sampler and part drum synth, with lo-fi 8-bit samples and wavetable synthesis at your disposal. 

Deton8 holds 16 patterns of 1-16 steps each and eight voices, including a triangle wavetable synth part that can be shaped into a square wave. On top of that, you’re afforded a whole bunch of performative effects, which include eight different stutter modes and more. Check out the details below.

Currently, there is no sampler editor or uploader, but the folks behind Twisted Electrons are working tirelessly to have that implemented very soon.

Deton8 is available now for €255 (excl. VAT) and you can find out more on the Twisted Electrons website.

Deton8 features

  • Hardware MIDI
  • 16 patterns of 1-16 steps each
  • Chain up to 16 patterns in a row to make a song
  • 8 Voices (Kick, Snare, Metal (hats), Clap, Can (tinny sounds), Tom, Nut (woody sounds), SYNTH (NES inspired triangle wavetable synthesizer, with arp that can be shaped to a square).
  • Two modes: Loop Mode (for breaks and melodic content, decay and tune is global) & Kit mode (individual tuning and decay per part)
  • Pitch and decay modulation per step on every voice
  • 8 hands on Stutter modes: Beat repeat (with variable rate), Forward granular, Reverse granular, Pendulum granular (scratch), buzz/texture , random granular (noise generation), spin up, spin down
  • Forward & Reverse sample playback per track
  • Delay with variable delay time and pitch decay (upwards and downwards)
  • Ring mod effect with variable frequency
  • Global pitch shift
  • Copy/Paste patterns
  • Real time pattern recording with optional metronome
  • Tap tempo
  • Swing
  • Mute/Solo a track
  • Drive any voice into distortion
  • Sound variation knob for Kick (add sub), Snare (add noise/snappy), Hats (change texture) and Synth (arpeggiate)
  • Pump aka sidechain compression emulation (any track can “duck” the others for the pumping/breathing effect)
  • Pattern clean and randomise for accidental magical beats
  • deton8 includes the following kits, but you’ll be able to upload your own samples!


  • DETON8 default (big beats, break)
  • AMY SISTER (jungle break)
  • HIP08 (for all your 808 hip-hop needs)
  • TEK09  (rave on)
  • MINTY POPS (classic beats)
  • INDUSTRIAL (exclusive kit by NKDM)
Simon Arblaster
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