Here’s one Nintendo Labo piano you can take out and about with you

One problem with many of the Nintendo Labo instruments is that they may not stand the rigors of touring. Take the Labo Piano for instance - it's not going to survive being chucked in a bag and taken round to your mate's house.

Enter the paper engineering skills of Jean-Paul Leconte, aka PaperPaul, who had obviously been thinking the same thing. So, he took to designing and building a pop-up paper version of the piano.

The pop-up Nintendo instrument features all the functionality of its stiffer, stand-up cardboard equivalent, which raised some issues for Jean-Paul’s project. Most notably the key action, which needed to be both weighted and strong enough to return each key to its original position.

The piano features different waveform options, with new ones easily cut out from the supplied templates. We’re also treated to different effects keys, with the effect level being increased simply by inserting it further into the slot. 

Judging by the amount of time taken to create the project (two weeks), we’re not sure PaperPaul will be thinking about rolling out a production line of pop-up Nintendo Labo pianos, which makes this one quite the rarity.

If you want to get involved in your own project, check out the Nintendo Labo website.

Simon Arblaster
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