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Harmonics from Softube promises to have your distortion and dynamics working in perfect harmony

Softube has announced the release of Harmonics, a plugin that promises a new approach to handling dynamics during the process of distorting the sound, all with its Dynamic Transient Control functionality.

Recognising the problems that can arise with applying too much distortion, Harmonics listens to the input signal and through analysis, can preserve the detail even when heavy amounts of distortion is applied.

The plugin features five different-sounding component-modelled distortion styles, high and low cut filters and a mix knob. The Amount knob is designed to control the amount of saturation, while the Character knob controls tone or colour of the distortion.

Harmonics is available now priced at $149 and at the special offer price of $99 until end of November. For more information, check out the Softube website.

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