Harley Benton puts some skin art in the game with the Hawaii Concert and Soprano Spruce Tattoo ukuleles

Harley Benton Uke Tattoo
(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Harley Benton has unveiled two ukuleles with solid-spruce tops decorated in Hawaiian tattoo-style finishes, each custom designed for the collection.

The Hawaii Concert Spruce Tattoo and Hawaii Soprano Spruce Tattoo ukuleles have laminated mahogany on the back and sides, satin-finish okoume necks and rosewood garnishing a heady tonewood cocktail on the the fretboards and bridges.

The handsome little four-strings have dot markers on the fretboard, with the longer-scale Concert model having 17 frets, the Soprano 15. Both measure 38mm at the nut, and are naturally compact and lightweight.

Bone nuts and saddles complete what is a very grown-up spec for a fun little instrument, which retails at a fun little price, too. Harley Benton have priced the Soprano model at £59.70 / $80, the Concert at £67 / $90.

See Harley Benton for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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