Hands-on demo: Making a track on Roland's Verselab MV-1 - is it more than just a hip-hop groovebox?

Roland's big January launch was the company's revival of the production-in-a-box idea, with the introduction of the MV-1.

Gone is the multitrack workstation vibe of the previous models, such as the MV8800, in favour of a groovebox workflow to rival the Akai MPC.

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Of course, Roland is no stranger to the groovebox, but the onus here is very much on creating and completing tracks in one unit.

As a rival to the MPC, it's little wonder that the MV-1 is geared up for hip-hop and trap, with the machine steering you down this path with such things as the tempo set at 70 bpm.

Despite this, we decided that we'd like to up the challenge of seeing how easy it is to create a track in the MV-1 that's something other than hip-hop or trap. 

Check out the video above with Adam going through the seemingly intuitive Workflow menu system, discovering the onboard Zen Core sounds and laying down a vocal track.

For more information on the Roland Verslab MV-1, go to the Roland website.

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