What is the best electric guitar under £400?


This poll is now closed. Please read The 20 best budget electric guitars in the world today.

How to buy your first proper electric guitar? For most fledgling guitarists, price is the bottom line. Or maybe you are a gigging musician looking for the best bang for your buck?

Back in July 2009 we solicited your opinions in a quest to find the ultimate entry-level electric, and the resulting bloody battle saw Epiphone's ES-335 Dot come out on top of 20 other instruments to be crowned the best guitar under £300.

Fast-forward to 2012 and we're paying more for petrol, clothes, food and guitars too. To reflect inflation and the wallet-troubling effects of the global economic nosedive, our ceiling price has gone up to £400.

When it came to nominations, the rules were simple. It had to be a current production model, with average street prices coming in under 400 GBP. Your nominations have been counted and collated, so without further ado, here's the shortlist. Get clicking and vote for your favourite!