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Vox autumn crowd pleasers

Buy some Vox gear, get some free...
Buy some Vox gear, get some free...

PRESS RELEASE: These headline offers won't last long, so be sure to bag some free gear from VOX whilst stocks last.

Vox is offering you free gear when you purchase a Night Train Head, JamVOX, Valvetronix VT Combo or Joe Satriani pedal.

Here's what could be yours:

Purchase a Vox NT15 Head and get a free V847 Wah Pedal (Worth £80)

Purchase a JamVOX and get a free amPlug Lead (Worth £45)

Purchase any Valvetronix VT Combo and get a free GT-4 tuner (Worth £40)

Free Chickenfoot CD with any Joe Satriani Satchurator, Time Machine or Big Bad Wah

Once you've made your purchase all you have to do is download and print off the claims form at, fill in your details and send it back with your proof of purchase. Your shiny new wah pedal, tuner or lead will be sent direct to your door - then you'll really be ready to rock with Vox.

For more information, visit

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