Video: Coldplay's Chris Martin covers Oasis's Wonderwall at London pub

We can only imagine what Noel Gallagher has to say about this. Last night (13 April), Coldplay frontman Chris Martin surprised drinkers at the Boogaloo bar when he covered Oasis's Wonderwall as well as playing a few of his own tunes.

Martin showed up unannounced during a benefit show hosted by actor Simon Pegg. Pegg organized the concert in memory of the pub's late landlord, John Parkhouse. (The Boogaloo was the inspiration for the Winchester, a pub featured in Pegg's film Shaun Of The Dead.)

Martin started his brief set, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, with a performance of the unreleased Coldplay song Wedding Bells. Although he has played this song in the past, Martin told the crowd that it "is not going on our record," and even went so far as to refer to the number as "soppy."

Following the soppy Wedding Bells, Martin asked the audience for requests. A girl in the crowd yelled out for Oasis's 1995 classic Wonderwall, to which the singer responded, "Fuck it, I'll do it. But only if you do it with me." He then brought the audience member on stage to sing a few bars.

Rounding out the mini-set, Martin was joined by Pegg, who played harmonica and contributed vocals to Green Eyes, off of Coldplay's A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

Joe Bosso

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