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What's Inside

Cover feature: Shape Up Your Playing

Get the new year started with our guide to getting your playing sorted. From essential lead techniques to new chord shapes and progressions, songwriting tips and modes, we've got you covered for making quick progress.

Song tabs and backing tracks

TG features more copyright tab and backing tracks than any other magazine. With our expert, easy-to-follow transcriptions, studio-quality backing tracks and advice on getting the sound, you can be sure that what you're learning is accurate, with a complete playing experience.

Classic Track: Nirvana 'In Bloom'
Open-Mic Songbook: Bob Dylan 'Knocking on Heaven's Door'
Rock School Acoustic Arrangement: Coldplay 'Yellow'
Riff Of The Month: Derek & The Dominoes 'Layla'

Gear Reviews

Every month, we bring you trusted reviews of the latest affordable 'real world' gear on the market.

Epiphone 'Inspired By' 1966 Century - James Bay's guitar reissued
Alvarez Delta 00E TSB - Modern-vintage blues acoustic
Affordable Modelling Amps - Four do-it-all home amps from Blackstar, Vox, Marshall and Boss
Fuzz Pedal Round-Up - Fuzz for your board, whatever your budget

How To

From technique to gigging and maintaining your gear, Total Guitar is packed full of practical advice
Fix your guitar's controls
Get the most out of your band practices
How to use delay

Artist interviews

Dinosaur Jr
Brent Hinds & Ben Weinman
Gary Rossington
Bring Me The Horizon

and more!

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