Total Guitar 287 on sale now: Ultimate Rock Riff Lesson, Metallica, Tom Morello and more!

Total Guitar issue 287 is out today, and it's packed full of amazing guitar goodness!

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Cover feature: The Ultimate Rock Riff Lesson
Our cover feature this issue shows you how to learn eleven belting rock riffs from Pink Floyd, Guns N' Roses, Queens of The Stone Age, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and more! We've created eleven high quality video lessons to walk you through them, plus we give you details on how to get the sound with your gear.

Also inside:


Riff Of The Month: AC/DC - Back In Black

Open-mic Songbook: The Police - Every Breath You Take

TG Unplugged: The Beatles - Blackbird

Classic Track: Metallica 'One'


Metallica: The only UK guitar mag interview

The greatest metal band on the planet are back, and TG's the only UK guitar mag they're talking to!

We sit down with James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett to talk nothing but playing and gear!

Tom Morello

The riff-writing machine lifts the lid on Prophets Of Rage

Jimmy Eat World

Frontman Jim Adkins shares his advice on staying creative with songwriting

How to
Each issue, TG is rammed with tutorials. This month:

TG Guide to FX: Wah Pedals

Learn 60 chords in 20 minutes!

Jam Track: Modern funk

Get started with soloing!

The G.A.S Station

We bring you trustworthy reviews of the best affordable, 'real-world' gear available this month!

Fender Offset Duo Sonic HS:An alternative icon for £500!

Boss GT-1:The £169 effects unit that does it all

Wah Pedal Round-Up:Four brilliant wah pedals you can afford, featuring Dunlop, VOX, Electro-Harmonix and Mooer

Plus loads more!

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