The Master Design LG507 from U.S. Masters Guitar Works is shipping

Two sides to this story
Two sides to this story

At only $740.00US retail, the Master Design LG507 from U.S. Masters Guitar Works delivers the kind of high-end features and performance that we would associate with guitars twice its price.

The ergonomic design looks pretty rock-solid - if you're a soloist, you might appreciate the neck's shape, smaller neck joint and contoured low profile heel. It's the kind of design that offers full, unrestricted access to the entire ebony fingerboard without a change in the feel of the neck. The hard rock maple neck's oil finish is said to be fast and broken-in, like you've played on it for years.

The LG507 is outfitted with a Floyd Rose tremolo. Wilkinson high-end tuning machines provide long life and smoother, more precise tuning. The LG507's direct-mounted humbucker/single/humbucker pickup configuration can be controlled via a 5-way switch.

Small but significant features abound with U.S. Masters's detailed design work. The lower cutaway shape is contoured so that it doesn't get in in the way of your hand when playing up the neck. An angled headstock with no string retainer can make stringing and tuning fast and easy. And the main things is, the LG507 is constructed to balance well on your body.

The LG507 is available in either black, metallic red, or metallic blue finishes. It comes complete with a well-made, end-bound rectangular style hardshell case. It is now available and shipping - for $740.00, which isn't a bad deal. In fact, it might just be a great one.

For more information, visit the official U.S. Masters Guitar Works website.


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