The best of YouTube: #54

Every Friday, the MusicRadar team submits its own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net.

Some clips we really like, others are simply comedy classics or oddly intriguing. But all are worth watching.

This week, we have the Manics vs Rihanna, more Mario madness on guitar, the return of Prince and much more...

Prince feels better, feels good, feels wonderful

When we wrote about Prince's stint on Jay Leno's chat show last week, it was prior to his final performance. So, here it is: a partied-up version of Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful (completed with 1999-inspired intro) that knocks the version from his Lotusflow3r album into a cocked hat. On the one people, on the one. Ben Rogerson

Mario gets the J-rock treatment

We can't condone the hair, the sunglasses, the shirt, and the tone is absolutely dreadful. But just look at what our bouffant Japanese rocker does with it. Close your eyes and anyone who's played the original Super Mario Brothers can't help but smile. This labour of love has some truly inspired touches - the top of the neck runs to recreate that classic 'going down the pipe' sound, or the wonderfully tinny distorted harmonics that nail the 'coin' noise. This guy has some serious chops… still can't quite get past that hair though. Josh Gardner

The Seeds play Pushin' Too Hard on a sitcom

California's The Seeds were garage rock before Little Steven or anybody else called it garage rock. Led by singer Sky Saxon, they were energetic, raw and definitely taught The Stooges a thing or two. Here they are lip-synching their only real hit on the '60s sitcom The Mothers-In-Law. A wacky, weird time capsule. Joe Bosso

The Applause Machine

The Applause Machine is "a beautiful and original way to say 'well done', 'congratulations' or quite simply 'thank you'." No idea why I find this contraption so fascinating but, if I ever learn to master Eruption, I'm getting one. And I'm turning it on whenever I walk into the room that I mastered it in… forever more. Tom Porter

Manic Street Preachers vs Rihanna

On the forthcoming Manic Street Preachers album Journal For Plague Lovers, the trio will be required to sing old Richey Edwards lyrics called things like Jackie Collins Existential Question Time and She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach. So how do they tackle Rihanna's ultra-pop-hit Umbrella? Very well, actually. Michael Leonard


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