The best of YouTube: #25

The ReacTable - a tangible virtual modular music making... thing
The ReacTable - a tangible virtual modular music making... thing

Every week, we, the MusicRadar team, submit our own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net. Some clips we really like, others are simply comedy classics or oddly intriguing. But all are worth watching…

Michael Leonard's choices

Tom Morello's tricks
"Rage Against The Machine headline the Reading Festival this weekend, and as well as checking out MusicRadar's exclusive new Tom Morello audio interview, make watch him demo some of his killswitch tricks on Last Call With Carson Daly." ML

Muse get hysterical
"And here's Morello fan Matt Bellamy and his Muse bandmates delivering a blistering and slightly unhinged version of their epic Knights Of Cydonia at Reading 2006." ML

Chris Wickett's choices

ReacTable demos
"We featured a clip of Björk performing with a ReacTable live in a previous best of YouTube, but the ReacTIVision-powered coffee-table-cum-tangible-modular-synth is too intriguing a device to cover with simply one clip. So the week we've got two more. Welcome to the world of TUI-synthesis. (Part one, part two.)" CW

Bill Bailey's Portishead-inspiried national anthem.
"From one end of the Tangible User Interface synthesis to the other - the theremin. Comedian/musician Bill Bailey uses one in his stand-up routine during his rousing, Portishead-influenced rethink of the UK's national anthem, and it's very good." CW

Ben Rogerson's choices

Ben Folds records There's Always Someone Cooler Than You
"Ben Folds' most recent project might have been to leak his own 'fake' album onto the internet, but I've located some archive studio footage of him working on some proper material (and doing a bit of trademark, 'goofing', obviously)." BR

Ray and Oscar jam together
"Tell you what, let's make it a pianists' special this week - how about a rare clip of Ray Charles (on a Fender Rhodes) sharing a bit of banter and swinging through a blues with Oscar Peterson? I'm too good to you, I really am." BR

Mike Goldsmith's choices

High Places: Sandy Featuring
"No selections from me last week due to a trip to NYC to catch up with our sister mag/site, the mighty GuitarWorld. Couldn't resist visiting two of my favourite record stores whilst I was there - and here are a couple of clips related to the tunes bought in each. First off, hipster hangout Other Music shook me down for plenty bucks, including a great singles comp by new Brooklyn's übercute polyrhythmic/trancey/multi-instrument duo High Places. There are plenty of live vids available online but check out this animated video. And yes, it does sound like the Belle Stars." MG

Flower/Corsano Duo: Live
"Round the corner from Other Music on Bowery is Downtown Music Gallery - a truly staggering underground jazz/noise shop with great staff who flogged me all manner of genius, including (ulp) Ghanan honk horn music. However I did keep it jazz by buying some great tunes by Paul Flaherty and Chris Corsano. Corsano is the hep drummer of choice for everyone from Bjork to Thurston Moore but here's a clip of him playing as a duo with Mick Flower. Yeah sure, it's all a bit Wire and, yes Beatles fans, that is a shahi baaja he's playing but by the hairy teeth of Thor, they don't half rock live!" MG

Chris Vinnicombe's choices

Nirvana lead crowd karaoke at Reading 1992
"Nirvana's will they/won't they appearance at Reading 1992 is one of the all-time classic festival performances. A friend of mine was there but got too drunk to remember much beyond Smells Like Teen Spirit, but the Lithium singalong is what most people regard as the high point of the set. The band's set-closing gear smashing is pretty entertaining too." CV

Radiohead perform My Iron Lung at Reading 1994
"Bleached blond hair was clearly all the rage for angsty alt. rock frontmen in the early 1990s, and here's Thom Yorke and his Radiohead chums captured on the cusp of greatness before the release of The Bends the following year." CV

Thomas Porter's choices

Fan's interpretation of AC/DC's Rock 'N' Roll train
"So, an AC/DC fan hears Rock 'N' Roll train during a video shoot, memorises the riff, films himself singing it and posts it on YouTube. Another works out the guitar chords and a third culminates both versions and adds some screaming vocals of his own. We had this covered earlier this week but such fan dedication deserves another mention. You might catch AC/DC at Reading festival too…" TP

The Cribs and Johnny Marr cover Panic by The Smiths
"Johnny Marr just 'officially' joined The Cribs but, as this video proves, he's been playing with them for a while. The Wakefield band's last album was produced by Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos and features a collaboration with Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo. Add Marr's name to the list and, considering they take the 'anti-scenester' line so firmly, they certainly seem to have friends in all the right places." TP

Joe Bosso's choices

Otis "Redding" at the Monterey Pop Festival - 1967
"Talk about a man who could really use his voice as a instrument! And what a band he has: Donald "Duck" Dunn on bass, Steve Cropper on guitar, Booker T on organ, and Al Jackson Jr. on drums." JB

The Jimi Hendrix Experience, featuring Noel "Redding" on bass- 1967
"Here's the classic trio making one of their earliest TV appearances. Even trying to contain their performance between commercial breaks, the band is tight and plays with fire. And such snazzer dressers!" JB

Still bored?

Check out this clip of a guy completing DragonForce's song Through Fire And Flames 100% on Guitar Hero. Cries of "why didn't he put all those hours practicing into something worthwhile like learning an instrument" aside, you have to admit it's pretty impressive. I wonder if DragonForce guitarist Herman Li would be impressed? We're interviewing him soon, why not ask him?


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