The best of YouTube: #23

A robot jamming with a violin player. And no, of course it doesn't sound good - but it's entertaining
A robot jamming with a violin player. And no, of course it doesn't sound good - but it's entertaining

Every week, we, the MusicRadar team, submit our own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net. Some clips we really like, others are simply comedy classics or oddly intriguing. But all are worth watching…

Joe Bosso's choice

Vinnie Colaiuta and friends
"Joe is away this week, but I'm sure he'd dig this Vinnie Colaiuta clip - I certainly do. The groove at 1:33 is particularly dig-worthy." CW (for JB)

Mike Goldsmith's choices

Introduction to Dubstep
"With Burial finally being unmasked, the question is - will dubstep go mainstream? Unlikely given Burial and fellow dubstep visionaries Skull Disco are closer to On U-Sound than, say, Benga but a good round-up for newcomers is this 2006 documentary from the BBC's late lamented Collective site. Like what you hear? We recommend Martyn, 2562 plus pretty much any recent twelve on Soul Jazz. Alternatively, a snout about the clips at Boomkat will always see you right." MG

Madvillain: All Caps
"Despite being a teensy bit put out that we're not listening to those oft-promised new MF Doom tunes, we thought we'd celebrate Stones Throw re-releasing Madvilliany by linking to the album's standout tune. Ah, sweet Madlib. Those looking for other treats should try this homemade Mexican wrestling video 'taken' from Doom and Dangermouse's DangerDoom album - go Santo go!" MG

Craig Hitchings' choices

GuitarBot Vs. Violin
"A weird one featuring a GuitarBot (or Robot Guitar) playing with Japanese violinist, Mari Kimura. The GuitarBot is actually listening to Kimura's instrument via Max/MSP, with certain commands being executed depending on the volume and pitch. But, enough explanations. I'll let you guys figure out what the hell is going on." CH

The ReacTable In Action
"The amazing Bjork with the equally amazing ReacTable. There's only two of these puppies in the world, one at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and the other with Bjork for her Volta world tour. Unfortunately, Jools Holland pops up at the end of the clip but I'm sure you'll be able to find the stop button in time. Enjoy." CH

Ben Rogersons's choices

DJ Spock
"A rib-tickling video remix featuring everyone's favourite Vulcan getting his scratch on. The presence of some slap bass only makes things better. Via Synthtopia." BR

Stevie Wonder revisits his past
"Stevie Wonder re-recording Sir Duke for the Classic Albums TV documentary that covered Songs In The Key Of Life. It really doesn't get much better than this." BR

Chris Vinnicombe's choices

AC/DC's Angus and Malcolm Young jam onstage with The Rolling Stones
"Have you ever wondered what Angus looks like without the school uniform? No? In that case, have you ever wondered how silly a very short man looks playing a Gibson ES-355?" CV

Roy Buchanan performing The Messiah Will Come Again
"The late, great and all-too-often overlooked Telecaster blues maestro was a huge influence on so many. Find out why…" CV

Chris Wickett's choices

Gentle Giant - Two Weeks In Spain live
"Gentle Giant: what a fantastic band they were. Despite parading under the guise of a '70s experimental prog rock band dressed as a pub darts team, their music is infuriating infectious - Two Weeks In Spain is a prime example. Catchiness aside though, they were, most definitely, a prog band. The keyboard player has seven keyboards (yep, seven), and drummer looks suspiciously like John McCririck. And it doesn't get much more prog than that." CW

Pat Metheny plays The Way Up - Live
"Ben's Pat Metheny choice in my absence last week inspired me to search for real Metheny clips - and I found a good 'un. I imagine that when Pat first played his 2005 epic The Way Up to his mates, they said 'I bet you can't play that live'. Silly mistake to make - he can, very well." CW

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