The best of YouTube: #22

Flea: he's always blowing his own trumpet
Flea: he's always blowing his own trumpet

Every week, we, the MusicRadar team, submit our own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net. Some clips we really like, others are simply comedy classics or oddly intriguing. But all are worth watching…

Joe Bosso's choices

John Petrucci Psycho exercises
"I've gone for four John Petrucci Psycho exercises: The Secret Tape, Accepting Defeat, Practicing and Live Set-Up. What I love about these videos is John's utter modesty, how being the greatest player in the world (his words) and having guitars personally painted by Michelangelo (the Italian Renaissance master, not the dude from the ill-advised Nitro) ain't no big thang, you know? You gotta love a guy like that." JB

Mike Goldsmith's choices

Tony Allen: Red Bull Music Academy, Toronto
"Whether he's collaboarating with with Damon Albarn, being sampled by the late J Dilla or just being channelled by Vampire Weekend, you can't move in 2008 for Tony Allen and his Afrobeat goodness. Come check out this rare clip to see the man in solo action as he rounds off a recent lecture. Four limbs, four different rhythms. Like, woah." MG

Andrew WK: Party Hard
"With the recent news that not only is he bringing his motivational speaking lectures to the UK in September 2008 but has just finished producing Lee 'Scratch' Perry's new album, the increasingly avant garde Andrew WK is back. Some will always be more impressed by his noisework with the mighty Wolf Eyes. Other will prefer to remember him this way - stone immaculate in white (but for a trickle of O negative). I will continue to love him for both." MG

Ben Rogerson's choices

Jamie Lidell storms America
"I love Jamie Lidell. Here he is bringing all kinds of vocoded electro madness - and what appears to be a digital clarinet - to Jimmy Kimmel Live last week" BR

Chromeo have legs, and they know how to use them
"In a similar vein - and again on the Kimmel show - here are Chromeo showing off their synth-powered Fancy Footwork" BR

Chris Wickett's choices

Chewbacca goes jazz
"Chris isn't here this week, but we're sure he'd love this clip of Pat Metheny singing. Who knew he had such a good voice?" BR (for CW)

Mario does Muse
"OK, Chris definitely likes Muse, and everyone digs Nintendo's rotund mushroom-scoffing plumber. So, this retro version of the proggy bombast peddlers' Starlight is bound to be up Mr Wickett's musical alley" BR (for CW)

Chris Vinnicombe's choices

Smells Like Flea Spirit
"Nirvana live at Brazil's Hollywood Rock festival in 1993 accompanied by RCHP bassist Flea's, erm, interesting trumpet embellishments. At least it's not a slap bass solo." CV

Muddy Waters - Rollin' Stone aka Catfish Blues
"Live at Newport Jazz Festival in 1960, one of the true originators. A few years later a British white boy blues band would convert the song's title into a band name and go on to be reasonably successful..." CV

Michael Leonard's choices

David Gilmour and David Bowie play Comfortably Numb
"In the week Fender announced the David Gilmour Black Strat, I went searching for it in action. Here it is on Pink Floyd fans' favourite solo, with some help from a yelping David Bowie." ML

The Edge's guitar tech Dallas Schoo
"I'm sticking with gear. Here's a three-part interview with Edge's guitar tech talking through the U2 man's massive rig. I've been fortunate enough to see it up close, and it's probably the most complex guitar set-up ever put together. Shame about the poor picture quality, but this is still a fascinating insight for gearheads. Here are parts 2 and 3." ML

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