TC Electronic announces PolyTune 2

All the strings, all the time
All the strings, all the time

TC Electronic has announced the PolyTune 2, an update to the popular PolyTune tuner.

The updated pedal has all the core features of the original pedals, including polyphonic tuning, bright LED matrix with auto-dimming, tuning magnet that slowed the needle as the player approaches the right pitch and PolyTune technology that allowed the guitarist to tune all the strings simultaneously.

The PolyTune 2 includes a bigger, brighter LED display with ambient light sensor and drop-D and capo tuning modes.

"The original PolyTune just struck a chord with guitarists," comments TC Electronic business manager Tore Mogensen. "But we're all about moving forward and pride ourselves to be smack in the middle of the guitar community.

"Those two things, our own need to be better and feedback from the guitar community drove us to evolve the tuning revolution we started."

The PolyTune 2 is available now, and is priced £69/$99.

For more information, visit the official TC Electronic website.