Peterson ups the spec for its new StroboClip HDC headstock guitar tuner

Peterson Strobo HDC
(Image credit: Peterson)

Two headstock guitar tuners launched in one day? No, we can't believe it either. Following on from the multi-tasking Taylor Beacon, Peterson Tuners has revealed the new  StroboClip HDC.

A follow-up to its impressively accurate Strobe Clip-on headstock tuner, the new model offers an adjustable and extra bright colour high-definition display.

The tuner's rechargeable battery (with USB-C charging input) npw also features a fast-charging cycle, which is always good news for something guitarists will need to have ready and close to hand. 

Peterson Strobe Tuners are known for their tenth-of-a-cent accuracy and the  StroboClip HDC is no exception, and another USP for the brand is Sweetened tunings and there are 65 included here.  These allow players to use custom tuning presets for types and models of instruments they use, and even the kind of chord playing they tend to lean towards. 

Peterson Strobo HDC

(Image credit: Peterson )

The StroboClip HDC is £79 and will be available soon.

Rob Laing
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