Smashing Pumpkins auditioning for drummer

Billy Corgan WLTM a replacement for this guy
Billy Corgan WLTM a replacement for this guy

With long-serving drummer Jimmy Chamberlin quitting The Smashing Pumpkins last week because he just can't continue to "cash the cheque, so to speak", Billy Corgan vowed to head back "into the studio this spring" regardless.

Obviously the band need a new sticksman first, and they want YOU to audition. So, to whoever it might concern…

"Billy Corgan is currently searching for talented musicians to join him. If you have an exceptional drumming ability and a desire to be part of a massive creative and progressive musical project with a rich 20-year history, then continue reading below."

"When Jimmy originally auditioned for The Smashing Pumpkins, he was playing in a locally touring jazz band that was playing weddings and street fairs. It just goes to show that you never know where the next big talent will come from."

Apply here…

Corgan is open to submissions from recording and touring drummers. Contenders should send a resume (including a list of bands, shows, awards and education), a photograph (preferably a headshot - no arty Facebook-style eyeball closeups) and links to audio and videos "showcasing your talents."

Send the above to and make yourself available for auditions on Friday 10 April in Los Angeles.

Right, we're off to showcase something…

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