Slash fights for his right to party


Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash and his wife Perla Hudson are suing a real estate agent for selling them a Hollywood Hills home under false pretences: it wasn't suitable enough for partying…

The ex-Guns N' Roses star filed a lawsuit against real estate agent Gregory Holcomb and Sotheby's International Reality in November 2007 after he purchased - and promptly sold - a house on a supposed 'private street'. They lost more than $500,000 during the cock-up.

Two major gripes with the property reportedly stemmed from the lack of space inside and the lack of parking outside. Both vital statistics if throwing parties is your favourite pastime.


On a much more serious note, the high-profile couple were deeply concerned about the safety of their young family: "I thought I had found a dream home when Holcomb sent me information about a house with spectacular views on what was purported to be a private street," reads Perla Hudson's statement.

"In the summer of 2005 we were forced to obtain a restraining order against a deranged fan," she continued.

The case, which started on Friday 23 January, is still ongoing. The judge has refused to 'throw it out' and has given the defendants time to dispute the claims. We'll keep you posted…

(Via: NBC)

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