Sigur Rós giveaway 'greatest hits' collection

We Play Endlessly
We Play Endlessly

If you're a serial newspaper-reader in the UK, you've probably built up a rather small but nice collection of CDs. Prince, David Bowie, Mike Oldfield and McFly - to name but a few - have all given away a disc with a newspaper over the past year, and now Sigur Rós are following suit.

The Icelandic minimalists have put together a collection of songs called We Play Endlessly, which they're giving away with this Saturday's (30 January) edition of The Independent (in association with Q). There's nothing new on there, nor is it merely a collection of unheard b-sides: instead it's kind of a 'best of' compilation.

Anyone who's watched a wildlife commercial on the BBC will probably be familiar with the opening track Hoppípolla. Or, MusicRadar regulars might remember Björk's drumming rendition of Gobbledigook at last year's Náttúra festival.

We Play Endlessly tracklisting

1. Hoppípolla
2. Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
3. Saeglópur
4. Gobbledigook
5. Í Gær
6. Fljótavík
7. Hafsól
8. Heysátan
9. Ti Ki

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